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What makes UK osteopathic education so unique is the individuality of the Osteopathic Education Institutions (OEIs), despite all of them having Recognised Qualifications (RQs) set by the regulator. Since its incorporation in May 1997, COEI has been the joint voice for OEIs on policy decisions affecting its members and development with regards to osteopathic educational standards. COEI’s ethos is to foster collaboration and innovation between all UK OEIs to share best practice in various areas including administration, education, clinical education, assessment, and research.

Underpinning the council is a subgroup of senior officer groups of representatives from UK osteopathic education, such as clinical leads, curriculum leads, assessment leads who meet to provide expert opinion on particular areas of osteopathic education. Together these groups form a body of experts able to define policy, share best practice and run projects. In this way the COEI allows for the collaborative shaping of strategy and initiatives at UK level whilst preserving the autonomy of the individual osteopathic institutions.

COEI liaises with a range of organisations and bodies such as: